Capital & Cash Advances

Capital and Cash Advance Services

Capital & Cash Advances
We understand that there is shortage of banks and other financial institutions that are willing to provide working capital to cannabis related businesses across the United States. However, there are bold and courageous organizations and financial institutions that recognize these needs and are willing to cater to provide working capital or cash advances to businesses within the cannabis industry.
Our network of working capital specialists understand the need for businesses to get short and longer term cash advances without having to bring on new partners or give away percentages of the company to raise the capital. We can assist businesses that are looking for capital connections to renovate or open a new facility, increase inventory or production, advertise or expand the business or simply pay off previous debt or taxes.
• No Collateral Required
• Funding for All Types of Businesses
• Application is Easy and Streamlined
• Approval is Fast 24-48 Hours
• No Hidden Fees or Closing Costs
• No Fixed Weekly or Monthly Payments

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